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Please follow the links on the left to access details of the personnel involved and upcoming events. HMS CARDIFF arriving back in her home port of Portsmouth at the conclusion of her Falklands campaign on the 28th July 1982. A few of us are still recovering from the reunion that took place on Sunday 30th September 2007.

A 30th anniversary reunion is already being plotted. Put the weekend of Friday 9th to Sunday 11th November 2012 in your diaries. Watch this space. Big Thank You's To all associated with the reunion weekend. I know this will not capture all but; The Welsh Assembly, Cardiff City Council, SAMA82 Wales and by no means least our wives and partners, whether they attended with us or not. Please use the In The News link to see how the weekend was reported on the Defence Intranet. For amendments or suggestions regarding the contents of the website please use the email form at the Contact Us link and Barra Houldershaw will respond to you as soon as possible. Photographs are still needed of: the Marine Engineering Department; the Executive, Missile and Sonar branches, the Flight; the Chiefs Mess; and names are needed for the POs Mess and WE Department photographs. A big thank you to Joe Locke for submitting a big update to the Deployment Diary. Loads of room for more dates.

Two more shipmates have got in touch since the reunion; PO(EW) Bob Snoddon and LMEM Steve Evans. Their details will be posted soonest. Rod Meadows and Barra Houldershaw are attempting to maintain a Ship’s Company contact list that can be circulated at regular intervals. If your name is included in the list below, the email address currently held for you appears not to work. If you are reading this, were a member of the Ship's Company back in 1982 are not aware of recent reunions or been contacted please use the email form at the Contact Us link to update us with your details. If anyone has a working email address for any of these people we would like to hear of it. For whatever reason, the pictures appear best when viewed in MS Internet Explorer.

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